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A History of Perseverance (from Mortal, by Christian Ek)

These feelings that I harbor inside are like wild horses that cannot be tamed.

The desire to roam freely and at the same time have a home.

These feelings travel inside my boiling blood.

People are afraid of what they do not understand.

A man with a Sun for a heart and a Mayan spear that pierces bodies for a pen.

Believing that only death can make him quit.

They do not want the best for you.

They want to break you.

Who are they?

The world, the oppressors, the people who want to dominate others.

I can’t breathe in this toxic air anymore.

I am suffocating.

Dying from the conflicts, wars, and hate.

But despite it all I continue to exist, exactly like my ancestors have, never forgetting my decolonized name, and that I've been passed down an unbreakable will.

I have a whole history behind me, a history of perseverance.

Copyright 2020. Christian Ek. All rights reserved.

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