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Her the Earth, he the Rain ~by Arthur Tomas Hernandez

I reach into her,

both with tenderness and loving force.

Descending against her and made concrete walls.

I listen to her tones of love receiving me.

Deep on waters, high on rooftops.

Under bird’s wings, seldom a note.

She gets lost in the slowness, till I fall with force.

Together we meet in the center of the road.

Lines now blurred,

I move over her brown and green skin.

She (re)members, my clarity.

Her body becomes generations,

ready for new growth.

Intense is birth and change of pace.

Slow time.

Wells fill with the both of us.

She springs forward new Love.

He leaves only his essence,

showers that have kissed the Earth.

Samotl. 2021

P.S. Dancing in the rain, feet the conduits between her and him. Soy danzante por amor. P/V

Copyright 2021. Arthur Tomas Hernandez Jr. All rights reserved.

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