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Home(land) Ephemera ~by Amanda Ellis

red and blue striped trapos

blue and white speckled ollas

small latas of La Lechera and

threads of stringy queso Oaxaca

raw brown pinwheels of chicharrones de harina

near plantitas sprouting from repurposed Leche Nido cans

garrafones de agua swaying in their swings

terrazas presumiendo wet calzones drying sin vergüenza

blue tins of Nivea cream

red-capped bottles of Aceite 1-2-3

small yellow boxes of Cerillos Clásicos

always near the hot gas foil lined stove

concrete lavaderos with hard raised ridges

that under fragrant lingers of Vel Rosita

will bloody your knuckles

and leave your fingers stinging as you reach into

that floppy bag of Foca powdered detergent

the one with face of the seal pup who stares back

with ojitos tiernos as your bruised fingers bleed

Copyright 2020. Amanda Ellis. All rights reserved.

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