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A walk through of a needle ~by Omar Vargas

It feels like eternity

laying down on the leather chair moving dramatically

needle surfing back and forth on my leg like a cat scratching nonstop

waiting to be fed

my bloodline being consumed by carbon and lead

over-pouring inside the skin

chin up, eyes dim, breathing from my nostrils

feel it penetrating my blood cells until it leaks down to my ankles as if it wants me to be dead

veins exhaling

like letting go on a unfinished balloon

body twitches as the needle runs over a nerve

like riding down a hill on a penny board and hits a curve, loses control,

wishing someone was there to stop you, or at least not be left alone

palms now sweating, can't even hold my phone my leg goes numb but I’m itching for more

doubt coming into play like, “Why do I make myself feel this way?”

My mind in the clouds, but this needle pulls me back to this phase of luxurious pain


the pleasant sound fades away

other people probably go crazy, for the long hours it takes spreading ointment before wrapping it up like a Christmas present checkpoint clear, off I go in this rocketeer

to mark this vessel like a chandelier.

Copyright 2021. Omar Vargas. All rights reserved.

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