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Untitled (from Mortal, by Christian Ek)

We are at a stand still

As bullets miss their target and scatter across the innocent.

Another casualty of street wars.

Years have gone by and we continue to kill our own people.

When will the bloodshed end?

A misguided culture needs to remember its roots, defending the community against racist cops.

The pueblos need to be decorated with murals of King, Angela Davis, Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, The Black Panthers, The Brown Berets; a tribute to our diverse cultural history.

Our history erased in the American public-school system.

My brothers, we need to stop the violence against one another.

We must end the violence on our sisters, beautiful Queens who need to be empowered.

Beautiful Black and Brown women who are proud leaders of this nation.

ICE raids our neighborhoods and kidnaps our people.

Children and parents ripped apart from each other's arms.

Inhumane treatment for those who only come to seek a better life for themselves.

Police lock up our people in mass numbers, we make up most of the population in prison.

Black and Brown, stand together against racial discrimination.

A nation that does not represent us but imprisons us.

Does not educate us and does not acknowledge the injustices we go through.

The inequality is inherent in the construction of this country.

Let’s help one another instead of helping them keep each other down.

Copyright 2020. Christian Ek. All rights reserved.

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