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A “hunnid” love song ~by Omar Vargas

This is dedicated to the one I love

she lives on my block and that’s the best part

you my soulmate, angel baby, nena, cinderella, pretty girl

never gonna give you up, got like 21 questions about me and you

like if I gave you my heart, would you treat it something special or

will I have to treat myself with hydrocodone?

it ain’t easy what you been thru, some would stay, after the storm

this ain’t no ordinary love, surf and float on

life can wait since I can’t get enough of our amor verde

let’s do an exchange, write you good news letter and you give me

your time

cause girl you make my earfquake. Come thru and chill

in the morning, we can be in my 2seater or can I kick it?

I been thinkin bout you, love your imperfections, need someone to

spend time with and it feels right, naturally down to earth

you my bonnie and I’m your clyde, my favorite part.

Linda mujer, let’s ride down to Long Beach on Saturday nights?

bumping sabor a mi, hablame, platícame de ti, quiero

hacerte feliz, music sounds better with you

don't you agree? Feels like I flew ten planets away just to get you

suga suga, you beat me to the punch tho, you met me halfway.

Lost in love, never have enough of this lotus flower bomb

oh honey, I can see, your beauty and essex

take me where your heart is or I’ll be waiting

the mourning after, catch me I’m falling

I won’t have a parachute on little queenie, play you the song ROS

since I’m the one who knows about la flor, mujer mia

I like the way you love me, tu eres mi vida

feels warm when I’m by your side, craving it every night, you are


you’re the best, above the rest, from the west, feeling blessed

easily get lost in them eyes, just one look is like watching the

sunrise to the sunset

I guess is the magic of your love, a tesoro I came across now I

can’t take my eyes off of you, you really got a hold on me

and I always knew, had some thug passion in you, me estoy


and I think I love you,

you be like my mary jane, loyal and true

when your out in the streets you are a saint, now I know you aren’t

the same

you’re like a birdie that came my way but I hope it doesn’t fade

away cause

it feels like a fantasia, got me saying congratulations, made it to

another year

I’m gonna keep loving you and have patience

everyday is going to be the best day ever even under the weather,

we belong together

but seems like, you like to wear my hat, rather have you take a

chance to trust cause

you’re the best I ever had, the only love affair I have

cuz you’re my girl, reina de mi amor I love you and

how you brush my dolor with your kisses that I adorn,

yearning for more.

Copyright 2021. Omar Vargas. All rights reserved.

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