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Be the Change (from Mortal, by Christian Ek)

I believe we can change the system if we change ourselves.

Consumption overload,

Our planet is non-renewable.

We are swimming in plastic and breathing in toxins, all for the name of profit.

The capitalist corporate owners’ cash in while we are left sinking in a pool of trash.

There is an unequal distribution of wealth.

There are people struggling to keep up their health.

We’ve lost our way; we need to guide each other home.

Take off your blindfolds, see me for what I truly am.

I am you, a product of the same Big Bang that made us all.

There is still time to do the right thing.

It starts with love, love for yourself, love for the people, and love for the planet.

Copyright 2020. Christian Ek. All rights reserved.

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