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Block Mentality ~by Omar Vargas

Kickin’ it, chilling, smoking, drinking nassing it, bumpin’ it till 3 am

eyes been adjusted to the cloud of smoke mind of a fien, wanting it more

sitting on the back seat, lit ass fuck

talkin’, laughing like if we can't get enough the only loud foos... posted at the block mindset of a “we dont give a fuck”

of who you are

don’t let us catch you slippin’ on our mothafuckin’ block cause we drinkin’, smokin’, doing bad stuff

now we trippin’, thinking someone creepin’

we just really drippin’ and we can't get enough

life of a sinner, we know how to make our nights last forever with a shortie, 40, more and more

don’t ever fuck with no neighborhood hoe taking your bullshit like irrelevant blows can’t be toxic, not confident

better just stay on your phone and mourn

now we bumpin’ oldies, cruisin’ through the night homie starts busting 180 on the 405

but the times been slowed down I’m so damn high

this shit will make you sleep deprive so you better look alive now heading back to the block and you know we still going to be kickin’ it, chillin’, smoking, drinking

till we can't get enough just some night owls

fiending for the night

sippin’ on a 40

just to get by

the block mentality

forever in our life.

Copyright 2021. Omar Vargas. All rights reserved. 

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