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I am From – Yo Vengo De… ~by Jocelyn Lopez-Rodriguez

I am from a country of opportunities, where being a citizen will get you places.

I am from 4th of July celebrations, to Christmas celebrations on the 25th of December.

I am from a K-12 education, where the subjects of English and History have been my fortes.

I am from being an excellent English speaker, reader and writer, as any other fluent English speaker.

But I am primarily from sharing a little bit of both worlds of English and Spanish.

Yo vengo de code switching entre el Español and English.

Yo vengo de las celebraciones del 16 de Septiembre

y la navidad desde el 24 de Diciembre.

I am from knowing too much English to be Mexican, y de mucho acento Mexicano como para ser Americana.

Yo vengo de saber con quien hablar Español, and with whom I should be speaking English.

I am from bilingualism, being fluent in both English and Spanish in all aspects of the language.

I am American born, pero la raza Mexicana vive en mi cultura, en mi vida diaria, en mi forma de hablar, y en la diversidad que traigo siendo parte de los Estados Unidos.

Copyright 2022. Jocelyn Lopez-Rodriguez. All rights reserved.
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