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Ninguna más (from Mortal, by Christian Ek)

Thousands of women’s spirits cannot rest until peace come to Juarez.

They haunt the maquiladoras, a death-trap industry perpetuating the disappearance of undervalued women.

Streetlights were demanded, higher wages, some means of transportation for safety reasons, but exploitation is more cost-effective to these companies.

Las mujeres de Juárez lloran but the police turn a blind eye, trying to silence the voices of families with bribery.

Bodies are found near rivers and factories.

Murders committed by the hands of machismo men.

Yet the media and government normalize a disease caused by patriarchy.

Mothers march in the streets keeping the names of their hijas alive.

Pink crosses have not diminished but are held high by loved ones.

Do not blame the victims,

Her choice of clothing,

Her ability to have independence with the income she makes.

Do not blame her because she is innocent.

Isabel Cabanillas your legacy lives on in the voices of the activists who demand change.

She was a hard worker.

She was a dear mother.

A sister.

A wife.

She represents all women.

Los hombres de México, les ruego que paren la violencia.

You are taking these precious lives.

Your own women are suffering.

March with the mothers and not against them.

Copyright 2020. Christian Ek. All rights reserved.


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