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The Tinted Car ~by Omar Vargas

On my way home from work, the sun's gone

driving the same route, passing the liquor store

there's a car with their high beams on

I think to myself, “This guy trippin’ who does he think he is?”

approaching to a red stop

and see the high beam car is trying to pass me

“I hate how cars try to pass me”

press hard on the accelerator like when cops pull the trigger on a


drive up to the alley but it's still following me

this time is right up on my tail

thinking to myself, “I'm the one that's trippin’ now”

paranoia wants to control

want to call my homie but don't have time

every second counts, there's no time to hesitate

I want to park and get out of the car but it's too late zoom pass my house

the car trying to keep up

almost at the end of the alley now

sweating and thinking

“I knew I should've bought that piece that my homie was selling”

got the speakers bumping “I ain't goin out like that” by Cypress Hill

fuck it, drove out of the alley

as the car was getting out cautiously

busted a bitch and went back into the alley rapidly

took a second to look through their window who the fuck was

following me

but couldn’t see since their windows were too tinted

heads looking stuck as I got through

I can see that they were hesitating on what to do

they didn’t expect me to return straight to them spurred into the alley

zooming back to my house

I park but they saw where I turn

it feels like they gave me a minute to see what I’ll do

grabbed my bat and stood by the trunk

the car pulls up

I want to run up to them like a madman but remember the therapist said

“don’t snap, relax”

waiting to reveal their face

anxiety kicking in

embrace my bat

thinking to myself

“I'm about to lose it all now”

both back and passenger seat doors open

see a flash from the back of the car

I think it's on record.

Oh wow! It's my homie who I wanted to call

laughing at me as I’m cursing him out

and see the drivers window going down

his smile is bigger than his face

it can reach from ear to ear

I finally exhale

“I swear you guys...oh wait

you got a new car now?”

Copyright 2021. Omar Vargas. All rights reserved.

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