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Untitled (from Mortal, by Christian Ek)

It’s all a masquerade parade; false faces under false democratic rulership.

We are the awakened ones who are not blind, we see there are masters pulling the strings of puppet presidents.

In the shadow lurks leaders of darkness. Those who conquer with force and are power hungry.

Social stratification is a tool for inequality, I see humans not the status or social position they hold.

There are no checks and balances of the three branches of government.

It’s time individuals ascend from the person society constructed.

Learn your history, travel the world and seek guidance but be weary of those that tell you their way is the only way.

The mud created humanity, trust your roots that connect you to this earth.

I hear the winds calling for warriors of light, we are here to help create a better future.

Copyright 2020. Christian Ek. All rights reserved.

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