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Am I Still Exciting? ~by Alanie Vega

Am I still as exciting if my culture didn’t involve the 5th of May?

The war of mi tierra that runs deeper than just Taco Tuesdays and Happy Hours

Glamorizing mis “compadres” as they raise a shot of tequila in the air

Sombreros are worn proudly with their skin shining bright como si fueran perlas

Am I still as profound and exciting if my ancestors' hands didn't bleed red from the berries you eat so diligently?

The hot scorching sun you enjoy as you sit lavishly con una bebida en mano; roja como la sangre que cae de los dedos de mi gente

Am I still exciting if my “r’s” don’t roll off my tongue like the “oh so spicy Latina” that I am?

The soreness of what is the aching pain of being a woman from una cultura exótica

“Señorita, How beautiful you are for a Mexican,” piel como la tierra, ojos morenos

Pero sin la capacidad de tocar a México, standing in America, how exotic of me!

Am I still exciting for you?

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