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El Graduado ~by Christian Ek

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Liberated minds have helped me put the pieces together.

I know my position in life, I know where I stand, on stolen land.

My identity is caught in between two worlds. These books opened up locked doors.

Portals of my personal evolution.

Reclaiming the name that was given to me. I choose to have a new outlook on life.

Thank you to the Latinx scholars in this country that have paved the way for me.

Who are luchadores because they were always told to stay in their place.

Class consciousness has been highly developed in me.

I envision a bright future for my community.

Soy un first generation minority brown kid getting his degree.

Setting an example for the future generations.

For those that feel invisible, who feel they don’t belong.

Who are constantly told you are not good enough or that they will never make something of themselves.

Understand that your perseverance is what makes you strong, follow in our elders’ footsteps.

Because nothing will be given to you, you have to take it, demand it, fight for it, and even protest on the frontlines like our ancestors have always done to get what you want in life.

Copyright 2020. Christian Ek. All rights reserved.

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