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Ella ~by Omar Vargas

Mira ella

mi Tinder date, the relationship

I threw away

she was one with the clouds but then

I came around she became down to earth and

that was my favorite part.

She the type, to do what I do

she did what she did it was like an, X2 ride

feelin’ the flames in the night, loved her state of mind

how can I forget the touch of her hand so angelic,

like the river of Oaxaca, the next wouldn't be able to comprehend

she was music to my ears hear me out, a Oaxacan queen

now she on a road but not alone, fuck a prince charming cause that fool hurt her from the start.

Reminiscing when we would get to know each other in tongues

and going out for some boba runs huh, I never really thought much of her so she got up, at least I

tasted what’s love.

Now look at her, hermosa in every way

she became my best friend as we, kicked it everyday

blessed to have been able to see her smile and the way she

laughed by covering her face made my heart trip because I’ve been doing her wrong ever since

damn, and I

blame myself, for not knowing how to love, I could’ve saved so many broken hearts now look at

what you’ve become.

She was the best above the rest but all of this, who I lost,

I was too busy counting the stars

which made me lose my chance to get a look at la luna.

Mira ella,

the one that gave me her all and in return I put her through pain that’s what it was after all.

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