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Luz de amanecer ~by Omar Vargas

You are, the dawn of light

the first thing on my mind

a Oaxacan queen, forever in my dreams

that's why I take these pills so I can go right to sleep

Eres, mi luz de amanecer

te admiro viendo las estrellas que se reflejan en el mar,

cómo te voy a olvidar

cuando tú te apareces y siento tu calor, más brillante que el sol

you shine so bright, I could never lose my sight

you don’t look back and that’s the shit that makes me feel like I'm burning alive

it’s like, another day goes by

a new chapter in life

I will feel again, tu luz de amanecer

but until then I’ll sit back and reset.

Lately, it feels like nothing’s the same

the sun don’t shine no more, it’s hidden behind the clouds the way you blocked me

from your life, can’t force you to stay so I,

sleep throughout the day so I can,

catch the dawn of light in time cause,

it reminds me of you, it’s so divine I’ll,

still be here waiting for you till the next dawn of light

but if not, the sun will shine no matter what

Mi luz de amanecer, I might have lost you

but now I got a clearer view

a year-long interlude and it would be a miracle,

if you come back cause that heart is pure.

You’ll get through the pain, don't think you wasted the days when I was in your lane,

now look what’s ahead, a clearer thought, of what life is

fell in love but don’t hold on, you’re nowhere close to the finish line

since you are the dawn of light.

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